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Your PT, Your Choice: You Have The Right to Choose Where You Receive Physical Therapy!

Do you know, that as a patient, you have the right to choose where you receive physical therapy?  

Yes, you may have received a referral from your doctor for physical therapy, BUT 

the decision on where you go is ultimately up to you!

There are many things you may want to consider when choosing a physical therapy provider, including:

  • Location: Unlike a visit to a regular doctor’s office that occurs maybe once a month or less, patients attending physical therapy are often seen two to three times a week depending on the patient’s condition. Because of this, location is definitely a consideration when choosing a physical therapy provider, because you will be spending a good bit of time there and may be making multiple trips to the clinic during the week.​

​Flowertown Physical Therapy is conveniently located on Central Avenue in Summerville and is proud to serve the Summerville/Knightsville community. No need to fight traffic on major roads or travel far away from home to make it to your physical therapy appointments!​

  • Hours: You will want to make sure you find a physical therapy clinic that offers hours that will work with your schedule.

Here at Flowertown Physical Therapy we are open various hours to try to fit your schedule. However, if these hours do not work for you, we may be able to offer additional treatment times available upon request. Call our clinic today to see if our schedule will work for you!

  • Consistency of Care: Tired of being passed around to different healthcare providers at each visit or having to re-explain your condition over and over again? Are you having to share your time with another patient during therapy sessions?

Here at Flowertown PT you will receive one on one care and you will not be passed around to multiple providers (except under extenuating circumstances). We pride ourselves on providing patient centered care that includes one on one treatment sessions and consistency of care provided by the same therapist at each visit.

  • Clinical Experience: Physical therapists, like many other healthcare professionals, are required to take continuing educations courses every year to further their knowledge and stay up to date on the most evidence based practices to better treat patients. Knowing your physical therapist’s strengths and specialties is important to see if you are a good fit.

Dr. Baker has been practicing in outpatient orthopedics for over 7 years and obtained her orthopedic manual therapy certification (OMT-C) in 2016. She is also training for her Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) certification and has completed extensive training in treating patients with neck pain and low back pain. She has also completed extra coursework in evaluating and treating patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Dr. Baker focuses on patient centered care by creating individualized treatment plans consisting of hands on therapy, movement based exercises, and patient education to help you achieve your goals!

The Decision is Yours!

When embarking on your rehabilitation journey, it is important to remember that your healthcare decisions are up to you! Take some time to research your options and make the best decision for your health and wellness goals.

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